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Contemporary with a Touch of Extraordinary


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A made man in the Italian Mafia. An immortal blood demon.
I never imagined he’d become my dark salvation.

My midlife awakening wasn’t going as planned.
I’d wanted to prove I was more than a mousey professor,
that I could handle life outside the walls of academia.
Turns out, I’d underestimated the real world.

My new boss was arrogant, domineering, and dangerous,
and he turned me into a live wire that sparked under his thirsty stare.
But he wasn’t just thirsty for my body. He craved my blood.

I should have quit, should have run away screaming.
Instead, I ran right into Marco DeVita’s arms.


Heritage. Family. Blood. The bonds that had tied me to the Boston underworld for almost a century were unbreakable. Or so I thought.

Someone in my crew had been stealing from me, had betrayed our family. But to ferret out the snake, I’d needed an expert to find proof.

Anna Barone was a distraction I couldn’t afford. Her brilliant mind,
hot temper, and even hotter body made my fangs ache with need.

I was trapped between my desire and my duty to protect.
Because in my world, everything comes at a price.


HER DARK SALVATION is the first book in the Bonded in Blood series.
Each book is an interconnected, standalone Paranormal Mafia Romance with a guaranteed HEA.




Katelyn Brehm writes steamy Contemporary Paranormal Romance and Mafia Romance with mature characters. She is an associate member of SFWA, the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers Association, and one of the volunteer event organizers for the Nebulas Conference.

Kat is a second-generation German-American and native of Milwaukee, WI. When she's not reading and writing Romance, she works as an aerospace engineer at NASA's JPL. Kat lives in Pasadena, CA with her husband and two cats, Mini Wheat and Pepper.



This novella was a perfect combination of contemporary and paranormal. I can't wait to read the second book in the Demons Among Us series!

This is one of my favorite reads of the year! Lush prose that feels like a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

This was a beautifully written and engaging novella. I loved the ornately descriptive prose, which really sold the setting in a run-down Gothic mansion.

Goodreads Reviewer,
The Art Collector

Amazon Reviewer,
The Art Collector

NetGalley Reviewer,
The Art Collector

The Siren's Song was one of the best novellas I have read, packing a good punch of emotions that feels simultaneously too short but perfectly complete as is.

Goodreads Reviewer,
The Siren's Song

The Siren’s Song filled me up with joy and peacefulness. I had the most wonderful and magical time while reading this lovely and beautiful story.

Amazon Reviewer,
The Siren's Song

I liked this novella as well as the previous one in the series. Katelyn Brehm portrays mythical creatures as humane as possible, they seamlessly blend into society without being obnoxious.

NetGalley Reviewer,
The Siren's Song



2024 Nebulas Conference and Awards - June 6-9
Pasadena, CA

The Craft of Writing and Selling Novellas and Novelettes
Blood & Love: Writing Romance Amidst Violence

NASA Presents Science Fiction Versus Science Fact:
What’s Possible Today and What We Can Expect Tomorrow

When Words Collide - August 16-18
Calgary, Alberta, CA

Check back for more details! 


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