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The Siren's Song

A woman who’s lost everything. A demon without a care. And a chance encounter that sparks an unwanted passion. Lena Sommer can’t win. Her marriage is a failure. The yoga studio she founded no longer needs her. And she just lost her grandma, the only family she’s ever known. Alone, grieving, and determined not to repeat the mistakes of her past, she tries to ignore the advances of a rakish singer she meets on the beach. But his carefree nature is infectious, and his mesmerizing voice proves too seductive to resist. Elias Georgiou has it all—a loving family, the endless ocean, and, most importantly, his independence. Constrained by nothing but the pursuit of pleasure, the last thing he’s interested in is a relationship with any of the countless admirers he charms with his song. Until he meets Lena, and a future with the resilient and courageous woman becomes more tempting than freedom. Can Lena learn to trust herself and Elias in the face of past betrayal? Or will the enchanted song of a consummate bachelor ruin all hope for a future filled with love?

The Art Collector

A quiet art historian. An irresistible demon. And an insatiable hunger neither can escape. Madelyn Frye enjoys her simple, drama-free life, even if it means there's an empty seat next to her on the couch at night. But when her firm lands a lucrative contract to appraise the paintings of an infamous mansion with a storied past, her comfortable routine is upended by the handsome and mysterious millionaire who owns it. For over a century, Thomas von Dreiss has resigned himself to a solitary fate, refusing to let his hunger transform him into a monster. But he never expected the art appraiser who shows up at his door to test his unshakable restraint. Her brilliant mind and kind heart rekindle long forgotten hopes and set his carnal needs aflame. Will Madelyn risk shattering her safe and predictable world to be with Thomas? And if she does, will Thomas's dark secret destroy their chance at a happily ever after?

Book no.2
Book no.1
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